• October 2012
    Post: 1

    Hi all, the title pretty much sums it all up. If we can nail down what we still want then people who are capable of filling multiple roles (or have multiple toons from which to choose) can indicate their interest in the team.

    Chris tweeted earlier today that we were looking for "DPS, Heals, and a hybrid class". I know I could potentially fill a couple of those holes, just need to know what class would be desired. And I might just be able to convince a few very capable players to transfer from the old server (they stayed there for the server first races) to finally make the move.
  • October 2012
    Post: 3

    Ok, time to start pestering the stragglers!
  • November 2012
    Post: 4

    UPDATED 11/11

    we also have a fury warrior, elemental shaman, holy priest and subtract a mage and windwalker monk. 1 more melee DPS would be awesome! but a boomkin would help spread out loot out too!
  • November 2012
    Post: 5

    Hmm. That is the wrong lineup. Idk how that got in there...this is our current line up forrealzies.
  • November 2012
    Post: 6

    Hi, I've been reading The Daily Blink comics for a while now, but didn't realize Deeps More Deeping was an actual guild. I am currently raiding in MoP but would love to be Horde and am willing to try different classes. If there is a class you would prefer, I am willing to start one and power level it to join your ranks. Thank you.
  • November 2012
    Post: 7

    Heeey! We are in need of any DPS class right now, melee preferred but not necessary. Feel free to whisper me in game (Fuzztastic) or /who Deeps More Deeping and ask anyone online if they can invite, or to ask in guild chat for someone to toss you an invite. :)