It was about damn time that we threw a party. The Daily Blink has now been a part of the internet at large for two years (HOLY CRAP TWO YEARS!) and we found ourselves in the enviable position to give back to everyone that has helped us get to where we are, and maybe spread the word a bit to those who haven’t heard about us yet. And now, in a moment of pure euphoria and nervous excitement, we present to you: THE BLINK BONANZA!

Click below to see what you can win…

Join us for a LIVE EVENT on March 31st and get the head start on a scavenger hunt that could earn you a complete line of Razer Starcraft 2 peripherals and an autographed WoW:Cataclycsm Collector’s Edition!
1st Place Autographed World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector’s Edition and a set of Razer Starcraft 2 Peripherals

Razer Spectre Mouse
Razer Banshee Headset
Razer Maurauder Keyboard

2nd Place Set of Razer Starcraft 2 Peripherals and a $25 Gift Certificate to J!NX

Razer Spectre Mouse
Razer Banshee Headset
Razer Maurauder Keyboard

General Rules
  • Contest begins March 31st (Time TBA)

  • Hints will be released to track down a hidden submission form online
  • First 2 qualifying submissions received will be awarded 1st and 2nd place in order of arrival
  • Stream will be on our Twitch.TV page at


All prize winners will receive an autographed Daily Blink strip of their choice.
Submit an original and funny photo featuring you holding the “BUFF MAGES” sign and you could win up to a $100 gift certificate at J!NX and one of five World of Warcraft Action figures!
1st Place $100 J!NX Gift Certificate and the choice of 1 of 5 World of Warcraft Action Figures:

Premium Series 4:
Moonkin: Wildmoon
Headless Horseman
Series 8:
Confessor Dhalia
Brink Spannercrank vs. Snaggle
The Black Knight

2nd Place $25 J!NX Gift Certificate
Choice of 4 remaining Action Figures
Honorable Mention
(3 Available)
One of 3 remaining Action Figures
General Rules
  • No Photoshopped images… original photos only!

  • Sign must say “Buff Mages”, but the sign can be whatever size/shape material you wish
  • Get creative! Got a funny location? Wanna dress up? Act out a scene? We’ll be judging on originality, humor, and your skill at setting up a shot!
  • Submissions due by March 28th!

(The entry period has passed. Stay tuned to learn the winners!)
All prize winners will receive an autographed Daily Blink strip of their choice.

But WAIT, you cads! There’s more!

All throughout this month, Chris and Mike will be offering up prizes to savvy and vigilant readers on our Fan Page on Facebook, through our Twitter account, in our blog, and on our Tumblr feed. All you have to do is be the first to respond answers to our puzzles, and you can win one of several prizes, including:

  • Diablo 3 beta codes! (We’ve got 20 to give away!)
  • Gift Certificates to J!nx!
  • T-shirts from the Daily Blink store!
  • Your favorite Daily Blink strip, signed by Chris and Mike!

These giveaways will happen randomly all throughout the month of March, and you don’t have a good shot to win unless you follow and join in!